Since 1997, the Boland Survey has become an indispensable source of information

for salary and human resource planning, valued by boards, management and funders alike.


“The Boland Report is essential for any organization who is looking to stay competitive in the not-for-profit sector. This report uses sound principles and a systematic approach that has allowed the Canadian Cancer Society to restructure our compensation system logically and fairly. There is no better annual comparative analysis tool.”

Canadian Cancer Society, Calgary Office

“Peter T. Boland & Associates offers the most comprehensive annual survey of salaries and human resource practices in the not-for-profit sector in Canada”.

HR Council for the Voluntary and Non-profit Sector

“The Boland Survey [is] indispensable in creating internal salary scales that are based on what the comparable market is offering.  I have found that as the employment market becomes increasingly complex and diverse that I can go ahead in confidence when recruiting for a new position or evaluating performance increases for an existing one that I am working with the most relevant and timely information and at a very reasonable cost.”