About the Boland Survey

The Boland Survey is an annual survey of nonprofit sector salaries and human resource practices across Canada. Data is collected from June to September with results available in late October. Any registered charity or nonprofit organization that has employees in Canada is eligible to participate in the Survey.

Why participate in the Boland Survey?

BolandParticipation2016Over 1,200 organizations have participated in the Survey since 1997, with many submitting data annually to ensure there is a robust pool of data and to conduct year-to-year comparisons. There is no fee to participate (i.e. submit data)  but organizations must participate if they intend to purchase a report for the current year.

What value does the Boland Survey provide?

Organizations use the Survey reports for developing an overall compensation philosophy, when hiring for a new position, or as a benchmark for salary bands.

What kind of information is included in the Boland Survey?

Salary Data: It is the only survey for the Canadian nonprofit sector that reports both annual salaries and equivalent hourly rates. Data on contractor rates is also collected and shared when available. In 2016, data was submitted for 86 nonprofit sector positions in the following categories:

  • Executive Managers
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources and Volunteer Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Fund Development – Grantmaking
  • Function or Program Managers
  • International Programs
  • Program Management and Administration
  • Human Services Specialists, Counsellors, and Health Care Providers
  • General Administration
  • Records Management and Information Technology
  • Property Management and Maintenance

Salary Trends and Predictions: The Survey includes salary trends and predictions, turnover and vacancy rates, and hours of work.

HR Benefits and Practices: The Survey includes information on human resource benefits and practices such as vacation, sick time, overtime, staff development, employee recognition programs, and employee benefit practices.

CEO Data: The Survey provides demographic information on CEOs from across Canada.