All survey participants are eligible to purchase the regional or subregional report for their year of participation, with prices based on the organization’s annual budget.

Participants can purchase another region or subregion report, even if they have not submitted data for that region or subregion, at a cost of $150 per report.

To purchase a report, please contact us at

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If your organization did not participate in the latest survey:

If your organization has never registered and/or participated in the Boland Survey, you may be eligible to purchase a report from the most recent year. Please contact us at for more information.


If your organization last registered and/or participated in the Boland Survey from 2014-2017 and did not submit data in 2017:

You are not eligible to purchase a 2017 report at this time. If you require salary tables for a specific position, please contact us about a custom cut of the data.


If your organization last registered and/or participated in the Boland Survey in 2013 or earlier:

You may be eligible to purchase a report from the most recent year. Please contact us at for more information.


If you are a consultant working with a nonprofit:

Boland Survey reports are not available for purchase by consultants. If you are working with an organization that would benefit from this information, they must contact us directly to see if they are eligible to purchase a report.

Report Details

Survey reports are available in late October each year. Subregion reports are issued where sufficient data is available and include salary tables for both the region and subregion. In 2017, reports were issued for three regions and two subregions: Alberta (Calgary/Southern Alberta and Edmonton/Northern Alberta subregions), British Columbia, and Ontario.

The 2017 Survey collected data for 89 positions in the nonprofit sector. All Survey reports include salary tables (annual and hourly) for positions where there was sufficient data to satisfy our confidentiality practices. In addition to the total sample data for each position surveyed, information on the salary tables is categorized by organizational size. We recognize that while there are several possible ways to measure organizational scope and size, annual operating budget is used in our reports because it is not skewed by large fundraising revenue and is closely representative of staff size. Revenue-based or staff size analysis can be requested through our Custom Cuts and Analysis services.

In addition to the salary tables,  Survey reports contain an analysis of human resource and employee benefit practices including paid days off (e.g. vacation entitlement, flex days, sick leave), working arrangments (e.g. flexible hours, working from home), and employee retention (e.g. development and training, recognition). Turnover and vacancy rates are also calculated for each region, as are salary trends and predictions.

Sample Data: Salary Table for Volunteer Coordinator (312)


Custom Cuts and Analysis

The Boland Survey is more than a report! The Survey data results can also be customized based on the unique needs of your organization. All custom cuts and analysis are subject to our data confidentiality policies and are available even if an organization did not participate (i.e. submit data) in the most recent Boland Survey.

Custom Cuts: Annual and hourly salary tables for one or more positions from a sample based on a specific list of organizations (region, subsector, organization size, or as generated by you). Custom cuts range in price from $150-$450. Please include the job position code(s) in your request.

Custom Analysis: Require more detailed work on salary or benefits? We can connect you with compensation expertise that meets your needs.

Please send your request to